The “Ask Us” Story

“Ask Us” is one of the ten songs we wrote for our upcoming album. It is written from the perspective of someone who is struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges such as depression and anxiety, and the different feelings and trials that come with those struggles. It focuses a lot on the feelings of loneliness and helplessness that people often struggle with when they are dealing with trauma or other struggles; the feeling that no one understands or truly cares about what you’re going through, or that you’re the only person that feels the way you do. The song was written as a call to action, to call out to the broken and hurting, and let them know they aren’t struggling alone, and that they are supported. 

In the band we have all lost friends and family members to suicide or overdose or other things that all start with people feeling alone, some of us have even been close to that end ourselves. Through experience and research we found that the biggest thing people struggling with suicidal thoughts are wrestling with is the feeling of loneliness and isolation. The simplest act of reaching out and paying attention and really caring about how the people around you are doing can save lives. Our two goals with this song were: 1, to reach those who are struggling and hurting, and give them something to relate to, and let them know that they aren’t struggling alone, they aren’t freaks or damaged goods or anything like that, other people are dealing with the same stuff and want to see them come out the other side stronger and happier. And 2, to put forward a call to action to everyone around us, to reach out to the hurting and be the support that comes around people in times of struggle. We were never meant to live our lives alone or in isolation, it takes the love and support of the people around us to form us into the best versions of ourselves, especially for those who are struggling with things like depression. 

Our goal as a band from the beginning has been to let people know that no matter what they are facing, there are people around them that can relate, and that want to help and support them, and this song is one of the earliest culminations of that goal. Speaking out for the ones that feel they have no voice, and calling to light a dark subject that our culture is too afraid to talk about, and hopefully giving others the courage to do the same. We have been so lucky to find like minded people to partner with at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the On Our Sleeves campaign who support us in this common goal of breaking the stigmas that surround mental health, helping bring an end to the mental health epidemic that we currently face. We hope you consider donating to support these efforts.

-Pray for Sleep