The band want to thank the following people for their support.

Our Creator.

Our Insomniac fans that can’t sleep at night like us and listen to our music and help us remember we are not alone.

OG Insomniacs: Camille Mathis, Scott Prince, Mike Novak, Andrew B.(killernut78), Jeremy Davis, Kyle Long, Rhett Ward, Dr. Mike

Chris Nelson, John Link - the two original roadies. Chris’s mom for letting us use the van.

Sarah, Karley and Paige - all the media help!

Ryan, Peter, and the crew.

Ian Dietrich for putting a marching band on stage with Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix Tony Palermo and the Papa Roach crew, David Pucket (WCAR).

99.7 The Blitz, Randi, Tess, Courtney Stone, Misha Rickard, Lesley James, Hal Risch, Randy Malloy and the gang at CD102.5, Dave Whinham, The Remedy Radio Show, 97 The Rock - Cincinnati. The Pipeman - Gary Spivak, Danny Wimmer Presents, AEG Promotions, 11-7 Label Group, Ashton-Magnuson Media Group, PromoWest Live, Bravo Artist and Cory Hajde, Rick Smith, Brad G., . Counterfeit for helping sell out our first show, Wait for the Day, Black Coffee, Harmless Habit

The girls who have seen the most Pray for Sleep shows ever - Morgan, Keira and Paige.

Will Carlson of Will Carlson Audio

Improving IT for being great people.

Momagers and Dadagers


Cameron Dickson - Thank you for the inspiration and sharing your heart.